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Oct 30 11 8:28 PM

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I have started this post in response to the issues I have had viewing vid. on posts i.e. Rogers' encounter group vid and I have visited other vids on this forum and have the same issue. I see only the writing from the person who posts, but no vid. If I quote their post, the html script is viewable. I have also noticed that when replying to posts there is a small preferences box bottom left of screen. This has my settings listed. Everything is listed as on except flash. I have checked my board preferences and it is noted as on there. I have even tried turning it off and then on again to no avail.

My thoughts are BB codes for youtube in your forum admin.

Note: this was never an issue in the previous forum version. Please delete my posts from 'Journey into Self' post regarding this issue.
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Oct 31 11 6:13 PM

Re: Video post

psyman reports:
Sorted: well, kind of. It is a browser issue. Firefox - no problem. Mac Safari - NO! This is my usual browser. I am running Safari 4.1.3 which is not recognising the scripts.

Ray | Forum Admin 'Team'
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