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Oct 24 11 8:46 PM

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Just to let people know there is a group meeting approx monthly in Waterloo, Liverpool. We've been meeting for a few months now and would welcome new members.

Tonight's group was well attended and very interesting, Amongst the other things we discussed were the extent to which Carl Rogers' Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Therapeutic Change apply to supervision and whether it's possible to have psychological contact over diverse time (for example, by email or letter). It proved to be a very interesting and lively discussion which gave us all food for thought.

The next meeting will be 7PM on Tuesday 29 November. It was suggested that we try rotating the meetings, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, on a four-month cycle (though December may be different due to Christmas), so we'd hope that everyone will be able to attend a proportion of the meetings and no one will be totally excluded because the meetings are always on a day they can't do.

Please get in touch if you'd like more into - you can also find the group on facebook:
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