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This email was circulated today:
Hi all,

I am emailing here in order to maybe put people in contact with each other about skype meetings, and to give information about running them. This means that the meetings do not need anybody in particular to be present. I feel this is maybe needed as we seem to be in a period of instability :o).

Another way we have communicated, and intermittently indicated possible attendance is via http://doodle.com/qwc86yev7t3igqz4 which offers a message board as well as a schedule – which Paul kindly keeps rolling forward from month to month. If you ‘login’ and add yourself, then you can opt to be emailed when there are changes. I find this a useful way of being prompted about who may want to meet each week

Skype itself has recently changed (as Paul has highlighted, thanks). We no longer have to pay in order to do a group video call. Skype has also seemed far more stable than it was a year or more ago, although we have had the odd blip lately.

The skype login ‘pcagroup1’ acts as a ‘host’ skype id. Anyone here is invited to use it instead of their own id and so ‘host’ the meeting. I’ll send the password in a separate email. The advantages of having this ‘host’ that I can think of are:
  • pcagroup1 has everybody who has shown interest in its contact list, so can connect to everyone.
  • skype needs a single person/id to initiate the call – it two people start separate calls, you end up with something difficult to resolve. This is why, when I host, I reject anyone who calls me and then call them straight back.
  • if the call fails due to technicalities, then it is up to the host to get it back, or let someone else know that they cannot do so, so that someone else can take over as host.
  • I use the doodle to say that I am going to be there, and that I can host (if nobody else has already offered).
  • I am happy for this email (and the password) to be forwarded to anyone else who may be interested in the skype meetings.



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