Apr 3 14 3:42 PM

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Us admins just received the following from Forumer, the hosting site:

In an effort to provide you with better service, the Forumer platform will be upgraded to a newer version shortly. The upgraded environment offers better servers and improved software, and will provide Forumer admins and users with an enhanced forum experience on a software platform that is actively developed and continually supported and updated by our engineering team.

Advantages of this upgrade include better spam management tools, a more advanced admin control panel and expanded user profiles just to name a few. Some examples of new features and functionality are the following:

• A mobile app for iOS and Android devices, as well as a mobile web version
• Robust spam prevention tools
• Extensive user interaction tools
• Multiple signatures and profiles.
• Advanced member management
• Inline member moderation
• Detailed security logs
• New chat rooms
• Easy drag & drop forum arrangement
• Full forum stats
• Improved posting and media management tools
• Free personal image storage space for all members

You and your members will receive an email with a new password immediately after the upgrade. We suggest that you post an announcement for your members, reminding them to update the email associated with their Forumer accounts if that email is no longer valid. Without a valid email, we will not be able to send the new password.

Your forum is being placed in an ordered queue along with other Forumer forums that are in the process to be upgraded. At the moment the upgrade begins, your forum will be offline. The expected downtime for each forum is less than 15 minutes for small forums, and up to several hours for large forums. Attachments in posts will not be accessible during, or immediately after the upgrade but will become available again later.

We will have staff on hand at our help desk to help guide you through any questions you may have regarding how to operate the new software. Please don't hesitate to submit a ticket if you'd like to explore the new admin controls ahead of time. Our staff will be happy to set up a test site for you. Tickets can be submitted at http://help.forumer.com/support/tickets/new

You can also contact us via this link if you would like your forum to be placed in the priority queue for a quicker upgrade.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this time of transition and look forward to proving you with the best forum experience around.

The Forumer team..

We'll keep you posted on this thread. Could be good but we may be in for a period of glitchiness so please be patient! Any queries or issues, please let us know.

Ray | Forum Admin 'Team'
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