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Aug 19 13 8:11 PM

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Hello All,

On Thursday 29th August I will be spending some time with Rufus May
and the Early Intervention for Psychosis Team at Culture Fusion in Bradford.

Rufus has agreed to give an interview for posting on the PCA forum.

If you have any questions you would like to put to Rufus please either email me ruth.moore4 AT or post here.

many thanks,

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Aug 19 13 8:56 PM

Re: Interview with Rufus May

I wonder if you are planning to post this to any other list than PCAyorks? I can't think of a question atm but will ruminate. I'd like to ask Pete Sanders what questions he would suggest - Rufus' work is right up his street.

Rufus is one of my favourite people in the mental health field and the following are well worth watching:

Hearing Voices and Recovery

The Doctor Who Hears Voices

Just found this description which I think is a good summary for those who may not have come across him before:

[quote]Rufus May is a maverick psychologist. He believes there is no such thing as schizophrenia, that medication can destroy lives and that there's nothing wrong with hearing voices. Rufus is an authority on the subject. He was diagnosed with acute schizophrenia aged 18.

Paul | Forum Admin 'Team'
All replies welcome - registration required.

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Aug 21 13 8:09 AM

Re: Interview with Rufus May

Hi Ruth!!

Really looking forward to hearing about this interview...

I would be interested in what his opinions are on how to address the views within society on the medicalisation of distress - I follow him and few others on twitter and see how challenge is taking place regarding for example 'Time to Change' media etc... this is small scale, and so what else can we do?

I really support this work and approach.

Best wishes,

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