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Dear Colleagues,

An important new book by Carl Rogers, Harold Lyon, and Reinhard Tausch will be published on August 28, 2013 entitled, On Becoming an Effective Teacher -- Person-centered Teaching, Psychology, Philosophy and Dialogues with Carl R. Rogers and Harold Lyon.

On Becoming an Effective Teacher presents the final unpublished writings of Rogers and Tausch and as such has, not only unique historical value, but also a vital message for today’s educational crises, and can be read as a prescription against violence in our schools and a catalyst for achievement. It documents the research results of four highly relevant, related but independent studies which comprise the biggest collection of data ever accumulated to test a person-centered theory in the field of education. This body of comprehensive research is highly relevant to the concerns of teachers, psychologists, students, and parents. The book highlights Teach For America as one of the best examples of an exemplary person-centered teaching programs in the world

The dialogues between Rogers and Lyon offer a unique and timeless perspective on teaching, counseling, and learning. The work of Reinhard Tausch on person-centered teaching for counselors, parents, athletics, and even textbook materials, and the empathic interactions of teachers and students, is among the most thorough and rigorous research ever accomplished on the significance and potential of a person-centered approach to teaching and learning. This pioneering book is highly relevant to educators, teachers, psychologists, researchers, and parents, as well as those in undergraduate and graduate university courses in education, teacher training, counseling, psychology, and educational psychology.

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