Jun 19 13 10:38 AM

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To coincide with - and interact with - this year's ADPCA conference in New Jersey (which starts today and runs until Sunday 23 June), we are attempting to stimulate a TWEETFEST which will also hopefully raise the profile of the organisation, Carl Rogers, the person-centered approach, and all that good stuff which is the reason why you are on this list in the first place.

If you tweet including @adpca or #adpca it will appear on the not-quite-but-almost-live twitter feed on the ADPCA Website http://www.adpca.org/tweets. If you don't have (or decide to set up) a Twitter account, you can just drop into the ADPCA site and check out what's happening over the coming days. It might be great even without you - but it will be great with your involvement.

If you have any bright ideas about how we can make use of this 'event', tweet that too (or reply on or off list).

There's a prize on offer for the first conference participant to tweet from the event to the tableau of prospective awesomeness that is the ADPCA twitter feed.

Please circulate to all and sundry. It's a big ask but let's see if we can get #CarlRogers trending by the end of the conference on the back of the @adpca attempted tweetfest. Nothing ventured...

Ray | Forum Admin 'Team'
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