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Walk on the wild side
An Introduction to Ecopsychology


Presented by: Nick Totton
Date: Friday 3rd May 2013
10am – 4pm
St George’s Centre, Leeds city centre

Overview of the Workshop:
This workshop will explore a new and exciting form of psychological work which focuses on our relationship with the other-than-human world. This work takes therapy outdoors both literally and metaphorically, and addresses the causes and emotional effects of climate change and environmental destruction.

It should deepen and enrich your capacity to hold a wider context for your therapeutic work; support you in developing specific ways of working ecologically and environmentally (including taking clients outside, and using animal facilitation); and provide a context for exploring your own feelings about environmental issues.

Who should attend: Any practitioner who connects strongly with the other-than-human and wants to bring this more into their work. The workshop is suitable for students.

The tutor: Nick Totton is a therapist and trainer with nearly 30 years experience. Originally a Reichian body therapist, his approach has become broad based and open to the spontaneous and unexpected. He has an MA in Psychoanalytic Studies, and has worked with Process Oriented Psychology. He is currently involved with ecopsychology and addressing climate change. Nick has written several books, including Body Psychotherapy: An Introduction; Psychotherapy and Politics; Press When Illuminated: New and Selected Poems; and most recently, Wild Therapy.

Fee: £80, including refreshments, light lunch, and CPD certificate.

Feedback from Nick’s last workshop:
· Nick was fantastic – engaging and interesting!
· Nick Totton is great; compassionate, sharp, liberating
· fostering an atmosphere of enquiry and reflection on practice

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