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Nov 5 12 9:54 PM

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Forgetting School | 16/17 March 2013 | York

A two day workshop facilitated by Lynette Green and Max Hope

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything s/he learned in school.” - Albert Einstein

This workshop takes a fresh look at education and its potential for liberation. In order to do this, participants will be encouraged to reflect upon, but then put aside, their previous experiences of school. We can then open ourselves up to the possibility of something totally different from conventional schooling.

Person-centred education can offer a complete contrast – for students and for teachers. Carl Rogers described traditional schooling and person-centred education as “two poles of a continuum (Rogers, 1994)”. Person-centred education can be liberating, empowering and enabling. It actively shifts power from teachers to students. It encourages a sense of community for all – a strong feeling of belonging. It puts the control of learning into the hands of the learner.

This workshop uses psychodrama and sociodrama as methods to explore the potential for person-centred education. Alongside these action methods, participants will be invited to explore a range of educational theories, especially those about the person-centred approach, collaborative learning and democratic education.

By forgetting what – and how – we learnt at school, we have an opportunity to see education differently. It can be – even should be – radical and liberating.

The workshop will be experiential and action-based with theoretical input and handouts.

There's a flyer attached below with more information. This has details of a website which you need to go to in order to book.

Contact Max Hope if you have any questions/comments.


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