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May 23 12 6:18 PM

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Does anyone know how far planning of the next ADPCA Conference in UK has progressed?
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May 24 12 12:00 AM

Re: ADPCA UK coming to UK?

I know that Sue Wilders is leading on this. I believe Paul is in contact with her. I know also that some others have pledged their (practical) support but I don't think there has been any progress beyond this. Also, BAPCA CG has (I believe) made some statement about wanting to work co-operatively. Again, I don't think this has progressed beyond the 'in-principle'. But then we are still 2 years away. I'll make some enquiries about this and see if someone can report back. Anyone else aware of the state of play?

Kay - I wonder if it would be asking too much of yourself/Will (and maybe also Bernard/Sarah) if you might all be prepared to avoid competing with ADPCA 2014 - i.e. planning not to run an event that June(?) or close to it? I believe this could make as big a contribution to the success of the event as work on the event planning/promotion itself.

I believe that this may be the last occasion many of us in the UK (those of us who don't go to US-based events or WAPCEPC) have to meet up with a number of the more senior US-based members of our world-wide community. I hope that we can all set aside our personal self and organisational interests and come together in peace and harmony. All you need is love!

Thanks for asking, by the way. I think we do need to start to build up some early momentum even this far off and talking about it in 'public' fora is a great way to get/keep the ball rolling.


Ray | Forum Admin 'Team'
All replies welcome - registration required.

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May 24 12 2:56 PM

Re: ADPCA UK coming to UK?

Thanks for the update, Ray.

I await further developments.

I hope to attend the Conference myself, so I shall do all I can to facilitate the process.


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Jun 28 12 2:23 PM

Re: ADPCA UK coming to UK?

Hello Hiawatha,

Thanks for asking about the ADPCA 2014 conference in the UK, and thank you Ray for replying. Sorry it's taken a while for me to respond, but here is the most up-to-date news.

We now have an 8 person organising group and have started to look into venues. As soon as we have made a decision and put down a deposit we'll let you know. Kate in the organising group is handling publicity and marketing so look out for her posts in various forums.

We have had a LOT of interest in this conference, in the UK and internationally, and I think it's going to be a great event. As far as possible, once it starts the conference is in the hands of the participants. Although the organising group will set up the conference, once it begins our only role will be to try to ensure that the participants aren't obstructed by practicalities in having it the way they want it.

The conference will have a flat power structure - all participants are equal.

For anyone who hasn't been to an ADPCA conference before, or been involved with it before, the way ADPCA works is that it has a very small group of administrative roles like finance and such, but all decisions about the running of ADPCA are made by the members in business meetings at the annual conference.

I have experienced groups running that way and also where selected individuals make decisions on behalf of an organisation, and in my experience there is something very equalising and freeing about ADPCA's way of running their organisation. It has a very Person centred feel because it is wholly self-organised.

It is possible to join ADPCA - membership fees are low, but this is not a requirement for people wanting to come to conference. Conference is open to all.

We have a Facebook page and a twitter account too.

I'll keep an eye on the forum here in case there are any more questions or comments

Best Wishes

Sue Wilders

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Jun 28 12 2:56 PM

Re: ADPCA UK coming to UK?

Oops, sorry Ray, forgot to answer the query about BAPCA. BAPCA are not involved in the organisation of the ADPCA 2014 conference but we have friendly relations. BAPCA have offered us free advertising between now and the conference. David Murphy is in the organising group and is our link person if there is a need to communicate anything between the organising group and BAPCA.

Hope that answers your question

Best wishes


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Jun 30 12 7:51 AM

Re: ADPCA UK coming to UK?

Thank you, Sue.

It sounds like my idea of a Person Centred Conference !

I look forward to being there and playing my part in making our dream come true.

Lang may your lum reek !
Translation for Our English Readers " MORE POWER TO YOUR ELBOW, Sue Wilders" & all the other ADPCA Conference Organisers.


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Jul 1 12 9:51 PM

Re: ADPCA UK coming to UK?

Will really look forward to it

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