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Aug 11 11 1:58 PM

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Updated June 2013

Hello Skypers (and would-be Skypers)

The regular Thursday evening sessions from 20:30 GMT/BST (i.e. UK time) are still running, If you are already skype-enabled and want to check it out, send a contact request to pcagroup1 - you can just turn up on the day and we'll check if you want to join the session if we see you are online.

We are still trying to arrange a peer supervision group in addition to the above open sessions. Any more takers for that?

If anyone who has not yet taken part in one of our meetings needs any help with skype setup, testing or other technical support please let me know. Likewise, if you have any other problems or questions, please PM or email me.

We look forward to meeting up with you soon.

Best wishes

Paul Colley
on behalf of the PCA-SKYPE team

Paul | Forum Admin 'Team'
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Sep 11 11 7:15 PM

Skype session update thread

I'm interested in the SKype link up but I know I can't do the visual bit as have no CAM. Is it ok to just to audio or would that be a bit way out?

Am also intersted in the peer supervision depending on the timing on Monday evenings. It's just that sometimes clients ask me for slots on an evening so I need to think about any timing carefully.



Sourire Firelight

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Sep 11 11 10:37 PM

Skype session update thread

Hi Annie

The only essential is to be able to hear. Believe it or not, we've had participants who could only listen (which was a bit sad at the time, but better than nothing). We haven't (yet) had anyone who could speak but not hear - that would probably have been a bit chaotic

We want to be as inclusive as possible. What does tend to happen though is that people start off with whatever they've got, and then realise that they want to be as present as they can be - which might mean repairing or replacing or adding some bit of equipment they don't have. Fortunately, mics or headsets and webcams can be acquired pretty cheaply these days.

As for the peer supervision group, thanks for expressing an interest. We are back to the drawing board on that one at the moment - struggling to find a day everyone can manage. I'll contact you off-board (and we'll post again on that thread when we have something useful to say).


Paul | Forum Admin 'Team'
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Sep 15 11 9:57 PM

Skype session update thread

Skype group: 15th September 2011

A moment in time .......

Wow!! Thank you to you all. A wonderful evening!!

Connection, communication, 'dialogue' with heart and true spirit of the PCA.

To be continued I'm sure. It was a true pleasure to engage with.

Much Love, Michelle x

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Jan 28 12 4:26 PM

Re: Skype session update thread

Dates for August 2013:

Thursdays 15, 22 and 29 August (starting 20:30 UK time). We also plan to hook up with 'roving correspondents' at the BAPCA Conference on the nights of Thu/Fri/Sat 15-17 August from 22:00 UK time

To check details visit the PCA-SKYPE DOODLE

See also HERE

Ray | Forum Admin 'Team'
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