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Jul 16 11 9:46 PM

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There has been some interest expressed in arranging for a monthly peer supervision group using Skype. If you'd like to take part in such a thing, please let us know (please also say if you need some help setting up for Skype - we'll be happy to help). You can either reply below or email

Paul | Forum Admin 'Team'
All replies welcome - registration required.

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Jul 27 11 8:42 AM

Re: Peer Supervision Group on Skype

Hi Paul - I'd be interested in being involved in this...if I can make the time that everyone else wants to do this. Sounds like a really interesting and new way of meeting my supervision needs whilst giving me the opportunity of working with people I wouldn't usually be able to due to location. Great idea! I will go and setup Skype and let you know if I need a hand.

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